Green Community Transport

We are the local community transport for Yate and are currently trying to speak to Tesco and Morrisons about food parcels for our passengers, we’ve been able to speak to Jimmy Deanes and are hoping to be able to get some food parcels sorted soon for our passengers.

We are going to speak to local GP surgeries today and see if there is anything else we can do to assist people.

We do not count as public transport so if people do need to travel essentially please consider us, especially if you fall in a vulnerable group. We will waive our membership fee during this crisis. Our buses are being cleaned regularly with anti-bacterial cleaner and we have been able to get hold of some hand sanitizer so passengers will be asked to use this before boarding the bus. We can also ‘spread’ the passengers out on the bus a bit so people can keep 1m apart!

We have found that the majority of our volunteers have had to stop driving and self isolate however we are still operating at present and keen to do what we can to support our local community, even if you may have not normally used Community Transport.

Our number is 01454 228706, so please give us a call or email us on if you have any queries or need any assistance. If we are unable to answer please leave a message, we are in the office but are a bit short staffed at present as we do have people from the office working from home at the moment.

Really lovely to see in a crisis there are so many people that are so helpful and kind 🙂